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Hello. My name is Isaac Shabtay, 32 years old from Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up to document my journey following Mark Knopfler’s “Get Lucky” tour during the spring‐summer of 2010. This is in much the same way I did for Knopfler’s 2008 “Kill to Get Crimson” tour (see the “Links” section), except that this time, I will be following the entire tour—starting April 8 in Seattle, Washington, and ending July 31 in Gredos, Spain. Similarly to before, though, you are more than welcome to sit back, relax, read and comment. All comments, positive and negative, are welcome. You can also subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed (see links at the right‐hand side of the screen), so new posts become available through your favorite RSS reader. Have fun, Isaac

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apology (in Advance)

Hello folks, there’s something I was going to write a couple of weeks ago but never got around to… and I think now would be a good time.

Over the last couple of months, since the Get Lucky tour has started, the popularity of this little blog has been on a constant rise and is now more popular than I could even imagine it to be. So, really, thank you all for your readership and support; much appreciated.

The European leg of the tour, which I was intending to do solely by public transport (except for Spain where I will be renting a car, or tie myself to the crew’s buses while riding a skateboard behind it as the train schedules won’t allow me to get to the concerts on time), has been sort of like a walk in the park so far as train travel here is so efficient and I just happen to understand English.

That wouldn’t be the case once the upcoming week is over, and I’m off to the mainland. While train travel shouldn’t be so bad, the fact that I am not speaking any language (that is spoken in Europe) other than English leaves absolutely no room for faults. Planning for the tour past the last Royal Albert Hall concert is not easy as I’m taking it very seriously in order to minimize the “aggravation factor” and the possibility of errors.

Some concerts are going to be tricky to get to—often arriving at the destination city 3 hours (!) before the concert starts.

I am not done planning yet; I intend to spend as much time as possible, in London, in order to finalize planning.

So, if you see that I don’t respond to emails too often, or that I pass on certain invitations for social gatherings—please accept my apology. It is not because I am a jackass (read: while I am indeed a jackass, it is not the reason for the aforementioned)—it is simply because I am working very hard to plan for the goal I had set to myself: attend the entire Get Lucky tour and write about whatever it is that pops into my mind whilst on the road (and is worth writing about; well, “worth” here is a relative term, I suppose).

Thank you all, again, for your support and my apologies in advance. Nothing personal.

Signing off from Bournemouth (I’m hungry; time for dinner).


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