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Hello. My name is Isaac Shabtay, 32 years old from Ontario, Canada. I have set this blog up to document my journey following Mark Knopfler’s “Get Lucky” tour during the spring‐summer of 2010. This is in much the same way I did for Knopfler’s 2008 “Kill to Get Crimson” tour (see the “Links” section), except that this time, I will be following the entire tour—starting April 8 in Seattle, Washington, and ending July 31 in Gredos, Spain. Similarly to before, though, you are more than welcome to sit back, relax, read and comment. All comments, positive and negative, are welcome. You can also subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed (see links at the right‐hand side of the screen), so new posts become available through your favorite RSS reader. Have fun, Isaac

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FAQ: About Recording the Concerts

Great day we had yesterday (a blog post coming later tonight), and the Oakland concert is just a couple of hours away.

Just thought I’d post my thoughts about recording the concerts. “Why don’t you record the concerts” is the most frequently asked question I am asked (through private emails), after the obvious ones of:

  • Are you insane? (Jury’s still out on that one)
  • Are you touring with the roadies? (No)
  • Are you touring with the band itself? (No)
  • Are you paid for this? (No)
  • What do you do for living? (…)
  • How much money do you have? (…)

So… no, I don’t record any show, never have and probably never will. The reason is that it’s just not something I’m interested in doing. Same as sky‐diving; yeah, most people tell me it’s fun, and it’s legal, still I will (most likely) never do it because I’m genuinely not interested in doing it. Not my thing, really. I would spend any free minute I have playing my guitars & piano, composing & recording music… sky‐diving isn’t interesting me at all.

If you wish to get audio recordings of the shows, there literally are dozens of Mark Knopfler fan sites that would offer links to such recordings. As I am not familiar with the various fan sites, I am sorry but I cannot direct you to any particular fan site that offers such links; Google, I guess, is your best friend here.

I deeply and genuinely appreciate your support of the journey I am taking, folks—and my apologies if my decision to not record the shows hurts you in any way… still, I am not going to do it. I will give the band (or Mark himself, as he appears to be individual with the final say about subjects like that) the credit for coming up with such recordings to be available for the general audience, if at all.



  1. I'm with you on the recording thing. This will be my 11th show seeing MK since April 1, 1979, if I could afford to follow a tour as you are doing I would. The man is a musical genius, but I obviously do not need to tell you!
    Mark Maybee - see you in Santa Rosa tomorrow nite perhaps!

  2. Hey Isaac, Thanks for all the posts. Liked your comment about recording and skydiving. Reminded me of an older pal I know about whom this was said:

    "He doesn't write emails, because he doesn’t know how to turn the computer on. He says he may learn how to operate the computer someday, but on his list of things to do, it is not very high up. He is not afraid of the computer, it just falls in the category of broccoli and okra; he’s just not interested."

    Take care! TD